Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Who said that?

While sipping slowly on this drink,
My thoughts are manifesting
As two men at my mental brink,
And their exchange is interesting.

The sober man's a skeptic.
His uncertainty sure shows.
For every detail that he questions.
His anxiety grows.
Making sense of all this randomness
Takes time to contemplate.
But Earth's rotation is impatient
And for him it will not wait.
The intoxicated fellow
Thinks he can help the sober man
Through this conundrum so mellow
And he has a master plan.

"What you need is an epiphany"
The drunken man decides.
Then he shares his own philosophy
With a great amount of pride.
"You see, the only thing that we can do
Is perceive and then react
To the environment around us,
A kind of existential pact.
It's not a competition,
Though it's called the human race.
It's impossible to know
How to finish in first place.
Deciphering this life of ours
Is not worth all the stress.
You'll be driven to insanity
Without any progress.
'Cause once you think you've got it figured out
It's never quite enough.
So sit back and just absorb the world
It's really not that tough."

"That's easy for you to do"
The sober man replies.
"With help from that brown and bitter brew
You barely have to try.
I would like to take on your advice.
Some mental freedom would be nice
But when we part I'll be alone
And I am much too worry prone.
To me your words will simply be
Some spices for my skeptic's tea."

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Not much thought put into this one...

I'll be cliche with this one
'Cause I'm running out of time
When I was one-and-twenty
I think it may have been my prime
Confidence at an all time high
No graduation in sight
The best question to answer...
Are you going out tonight?
As a senior, one year older
I guess I feel the same way
"You only live once"
Now that's the tritest thing to say.

When I was 21?

When I was twenty-one?
Hmm, that was so long ago.
I've been locked up all this time
There's not much point to know.
But now that you are asking
I believe I can remember.
That was the year I did it
On that dark night in December
My time in here has changed me
It has laid down some new tracks
For the best, it rearranged me
I wouldn't take it back.

1 and 20

When I was one-and-twenty
I set out to find
The meaning of this life of ours,
Some guidance for the blind

I thought it would be easy,
A prompt coming of age.
In just a couple weeks
I'll have the wisdom of a sage.

A year has passed. I'm twenty-two.
The only thing I've gained
Is anxiety and pressure
From these thoughts that I have strained